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Game Time

NEXT EVENT: What: Quest Game
Where: Magnolia Park (directions)
When: Saturday, March 8 - Sunday, March 9
Time: 2pm Saturday - 3am Sunday
Cost: $15 (or FREE for new players and NPCs)
What to expect: Staff will arrive on Friday night to set up. If you want to camp on Friday, you can do so. Then, staff will be at the park in the morning on Saturday - so, if you want to come out early and talk with us, you may. If you want to come early, 10am is about the earliest you need to arrive (if your aim is to chat with staff).

The game begins mid-afternoon on Saturday and goes until all (or almost all) the players have left or fallen asleep. In the cooler months, the game runs longer (ie: from noon on Saturday until 10am on Sunday), however, when it's hot out those times maybe shortened.

You may choose to camp at the site (bring a tent) or leave when you tire. The campsite does have nice bathrooms (with hot showers and running water). The park is gated; at night (around dark) the park is locked. If you are locked out (or in) you can call staff at 407-973-6679 and listen to the message. It will contain the gate code. Please note, the park has two gate entrances (right next to each other), if you are by a gate and it is not locked by a combination lock, then check the other gate. Also, to open the lock, you must select the right combination, then PUSH the lock together before PULLING it apart.

Each event is scripted by staff. The script contains long-term (months or year long plot), one-event long modules, and random (not main-plot) scenes. Also, much plot is created solely by character interaction. Staff will write plot 'on-the-fly' if events or characters take the plot in unexpected ways.

For your first event, please visit the "First Event Section" to see what to bring.

We will begin the game at 2:00PM on Saturday. If you are not ready to begin play by 2:00PM, please arrive and enter play discretely. So long as one player is there, we will begin at 2:00. Staff encourages everyone to try their best to be there on time. (So be there around noon so you can check in and be in-costume by 2:00.)
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